Not Just Curtains

Here at Tudor Rose Curtains, we don't only design, manufacture and fit beautiful curtains and blinds, we pride ourselves in "up-cycling" and re-upholstering furniture to enhance the overall finished room

From covering dining seat pads, to making bed valances, to designing complete pieces of furniture, Tudor Rose Curtains offers it all. Whether you have a treasured item of furniture that just can’t be thrown away, or a modern piece that just needs to fit into place: have a word with Sarah at Tudor Rose Curtains and a solution will be offered.

From the images you can see that we design chaise longue, recover dining chairs, not only seat pads but also the back panels. The bed valances made, offer easy access to under bed storage areas whilst minimalizing the uneven flounce that you usually have with conventional bed valances.  Window seat pads, simple foot stools and recovering and up-cycling of antique furniture. All presented in fabrics and shades that enhance your living areas or present a “wow” piece of furniture.