Taking advantage of today’s sunshine

With the sun shining brightly, I decided to start the prep for four pelmets and commenced the woodwork outside

I purchased my wood yesterday and marked out the templates this morning. I used a piece of twine and pencil to mark the arches needed for two of my pelmets. Taking advantage of the brilliant sunshine, I took my tools outside and started carving! Initially using the circular saw for the straight lines, followed by the jig saw for the detail. Happy with my handy-work, I headed into the workshop for the next stage. Two of the pelmets are to have curtains and blinds positioned behind them, therefore I attached them to form a “shelf” with side returns. I will bracket the shelf to the wall on installation, and the shelf doubles up as the fixing for the curtain track and Roman Blind head-rail. Next step: I painted the shelves inside in with the first coat of two of white emulsion, and covered the face with a layer of bonded lining. Once dry, I completed the task for the day placed a layer of wadding to the pelmets ready to take the main fabric tomorrow!